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SolarOne is your gateway to a wide variety of high quality solar and power products. Located in the heart of Africa, we can deliver to any part of Southern Africa. If availability of supply is the issue, our products can help you harness our abundant sun as a source of power. Talk to us about how you can protect your electrical and electronic equipment, because we know you can never be sure about the quality of power coming into your home or office. If you never want to be left in the dark, then our back-up equipment is the answer.

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What we Offer

"SolarOne supplies the market with high quality alternative energy equipment that is ideal for customers who want sustainable power solutions over the long term".



Solar Panels


Solar Water Heaters

SolarOne distributes alternative energy products and continues to grow the range to respond to market needs.

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SolarOne has a number of partnerships that will assure excellent delivery of projects and the sourcing of high quality products.

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